Top 10 Best AI Free Courses from Google, Microsoft & Linkedin

Top 10 AI Free Courses
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Free Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses

1. Microsoft’s AI for Beginners

→ ✅Dive into AI! Learn key concepts and practical uses.

→ ✅Understand how AI impacts business and tech.

2. Google’s Generative AI Introduction

→ ✅Explore the world of Generative AI.

→ ✅Perfect for beginners in AI content creation.

3. Google’s Large Language Models 101

→ ✅Deep dive into LLMs like ChatGPT.

→ ✅A must for content creators using AI.

4. Google’s Image Generation Course

→ ✅Learn to create AI-generated visuals.

→ ✅Harness the power of stable diffusion models.

5. Google on Image Captioning Models

→ ✅Master creating AI-generated image captions.

→ ✅Boost your content with automated text.

6. Harvard’s AI with Python→ CS50

→ ✅Python meets AI in this Harvard course.

→ ✅Build a solid AI foundation for business solutions.

7. LinkedIn’s Generative AI Essentials

→ ✅Comprehensive guide to business-focused generative AI.

→ ✅Understand and apply AI tools in your venture.

8. IBM’s AI Foundations

→ ✅AI made easy for everyone.

→ ✅Hands-on with IBM Watson.

9. Digital Partner’s ChatGPT Fundamentals

→ ✅Grasp the basics of ChatGPT.

→ ✅Ideal for AI-enhanced content creation.

10. Google’s BERT & Transformer Models

→ ✅Advanced NLP with transformer models.

→ ✅Key for AI-driven text content.

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